9 hours in a recording studio… and we’ve got an audiobook!

In May, I spent three days in a recording studio in Vancouver reading MEET ME IN VENICE aloud. By the end of it, I nearly lost my voice.


The studio space is frequently used by Hollywood actors who needed to re-do lines, and the talented team of technicians do a lot of sound mixing for films, TV series and documentaries. They’re also contracted to do Audible books.

I was pretty thrilled to have the chance to read everything from start to finish. It had been awhile since I had done that. In many ways, I was reliving the journey. I was reliving the life of my main character, Pei. And I was reminding myself of all the revelations and discoveries I had made along the way. What I found especially challenging was pronouncing the Italian words correctly. When I was writing the book, I never expected to be reading the entire thing aloud!

Today, Audible emailed me to say the audio book is ready and available online for download. Take a listen!